DJing Masterclass

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DJing Masterclass by trym

Course Program


  • the background of Trym.
  • how he start as a DJ.                  
  • future achievement: release podcast ‘Awakening’.



  • before starting, choosing the frequency which with will end the track.   
  • working with vinyl mode to facilitate the work in live.  
  • always using jog adjust as heavy.    
  • Avoid gain clipping on I/O of the track.                                                
  • Counting bars to make a transition.
  • work less with bass frequency: two kick at the same time will give an unwanted effect of Bass frequencies saturation.                                          
  • taking advantage from the variation of frequencies bands in the Xone 92’s filters to add elements (punch/groove) to the mix while on live set.                                                     
  • choose track that have the same genres of music or with the same BPM for mixing at the same time.
  • using the PFL on headphones while mixing live.                                        
  • using LFO as an additional element to the mix.                                             
  • Transition: Slip mode to create a sort of customized loop but at the right moment where it can be done correctly by managing the moment before the drop.                                    
  • the transition can be done with several technique, by using slip mode and also by a spin back.  
  • Hot cue recall prepared before at the rekordbox used as a transition.           
  • The Quantize mode: to use it when you have a loop which it quantize to the groove.



  • working with Rekordbox before going on set.  
  • organizing tracks by their BPM.                            
  • working with normal cue and hot cue as an indication for beginning /end of a track. 
  • manage track storage by their dates or which place where played or the using ID track.


being a DJ it’s matter of passion and the ability to believe in yourself which are the keys to success.

Course summary

Original Language: French

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? What else will you find in SEEDJ

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