My journey into Perctrax


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My journey into Perctrax

Course Program


Introduction to the Masterclass
Ali Wells introduces himself and his label Perc Trax. Discover his journey as a DJ, Producer, Remixer and Label Owner.

My Journey

Perc's early years in music
From being a bass player and a Warp Records fan to running one of the most successful and iconic Label Perc Trax. From Equipment to connections and distribution.

History of Perc Trax

2004 to 2022. (Almost) 20 years of history.
Started as a personal platform for Ali Wells' personal music, Perc Trax has delivered a wide palette of stylistic conjugations of electronic music throughout the years. Get to know more about this icon

Perc Trax Now

The growth of Perc Trax and the evolution in the industrial sound
Different Styles, Originality, Exciting Artists and forward thinking dancefloor killers. How does it work right now?

Studio Equipment

Perc's pieces of choice for his studio and his production techniques. 

From analog to digital and the different ways to setup chains for one of the most distinctive sounds in the industry



Perc's passion for remixing.
From artist's remix packages in the early years to the new ways artists remix music in 2021. Get to know Mr. Wells' philosophy for remixing.


Djing and Live performances with Perc
From Djing with vinyl to Ableton Live. Staying original and non compromising.

Playing Live

Techniques and Philosophy.
Get deeper in the techniques and favorite ways Perc goes Live in his gigs.

Selling Music

Selling, Promotion, Label Management tricks for digital and physical merch.
Don't get for granted results. Selling music is an art and Perc delivers a lot of valuable tricks in this chapter.


YouTube in the techno industry.
World's most used video streaming service as a tool for your artist profile. What's going on nowadays with this? Let's get into it.

Advices for New Producers

What should a New Producer go through, in Perc's opinion?

Find your way despite the hard times the music industry might go through.

Advices for New Labels

What should a New Labels go through, in Perc's opinion?

Different approaches for new Labels and platforms for electronic music publishing.

The Future

What's next?

It's much easier to write about about history than to write a book predicting the future.
What's going to happens in the future of Perc Trax?

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