Sound Design

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Sound Design by Katatonic silentio

Course Program


Katatonic Silentio introduces itself and the topics of the masterclass.

Sound Design

  • An introduction: In this first episode, Katatonic Silentio provides to user a theoretical foundation  for Sound design, from its earliest application to images to more recent applications such as sound ecology and sound branding.

  • Basics: Katatonic Silentio gives a brief introduction to Ableton Live and its features.

  • Types of Synthesis and instruments Overview: In this episode, Katatonic Silentio provides a theoretical foundation for synthesis and explores the main characteristics of a sound, from the types of matrixes that can be used to generate it to the modulation parameters.

Analog - Collision - Electric

  • Analog: In this episode Katatonic Silentio introduces Analog, a virtual synthesizer included in the Ableton Live package that allows us to create sound from scratch using subtractive synthesis and therefore not having to use samples.

  • Collision: In this episode Katatonic Silentio introduces us to the second instrument of the course, Collision, which is a physical model synthesizer that simulates the characteristics of a mallet percussion instrument.

  • Electric: In this episode Katatonic Silentio discusses the second instrument based on a physical model of an electric piano, Electric, starting from its physics of operation for arriving at its basic modulation parameters.

Tension - Operator - Wavetable

  • Tension: In this episode Katatonic Silentio introduces the third and final physical model synthesizer, Tension , in fact, is an Ableton instrument that allows us to emulate the physics of a stringed instrument.

  • Operator: Katatonic Silentio introduces Operator, a digital synthesizer that allows us to combine FM synthesis with Subtractive and Additive synthesis, offering a variety of timbres creation through the 4 oscillators and modulation parameters and algorithms available.

  • Wavetable: Katatonic Silentio examines the last of the main tools of Ableton Live, Wawetable, a tool that allows us to generate the sound according with Wawetable synthesis and, more specifically, through the sections of our Synth such as Oscillators Bank, Filters and modulation section arriving to show different types of applicable workflows.

Brief History of Sampling

Brief introduction on the history of Sampling and its applications, what is a sample and the various evidences of this technique in the past as in concrete music and Hip Hop scene.

Impulse - Simpler - Sampler

  • Impulse: In this episode, Katatonic Silentio introduces Impulse, a drum sample with complex modulation capabilities, and demonstrates its main functionality.

  • Simpler: In this episode Katatonic Silentio introduces Simpler, a tool that allows us to map a specific region of a sample and modulate it by three types of algorithms and several types of control parameters such as ADSR, LFO, Filter and others.

  • Sampler: In this episode Katatonic Silentio introduces the latest tool in sampling techniques, the Sampler is a Multi-Sampler that differs from the simpler in its ability to combine multiple sound sources captured at the same time to generate different pitch variations, levelling and more.

Racks and Effects

In the last episode of the course Katatonic Silentio introduces us to the operation of the instrument and effect racks by going to analyze specifically some specific combinations used by her to create different types of acoustic effects.


Katatonic Silentio hoping that the lesson was interesting and that you now have a general overview of the features of Ableton Live!

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